Two weeks of Innovation in the Elementary Art room

It is such a pleasure to be in the Elementary Art room to observe Elementary students advancing with their art skills. It has been two weeks of art classes and the students have already progressed to demonstrate responsibilities to stay focused and develop artistic skills to innovate patterns and designs.

In the beginning, the art class was focused on setting aside a significant amount of time to get to know the students. Every student is unique and has different interests and learning styles. I wanted to make sure that I spent an adequate amount of time learning about all of my students and having them learn about me. My goal in the art room is to be a community of learners based on mutual respect for all individual differences. We worked on the Elementary Art room pact, to make our art room a safe environment where every individual is encouraged to share and learn from one another.

A very first class for Primary 1  was a tour of the art room to discover where art materials were kept so that the materials were easily accessible to them. We shared our favorite colors, and the children worked on doodling lines on large pieces of paper with their eyes closed while listening to a music. The children moved on to create patterns by applying different lines introduced in the class.  

First class for Grade 1 was a game on mixed name tags. Each student had to find the owner of the name and ask three questions about their summer vacation and favorite sports. The student reviewed different kinds of lines and worked on personalizing lines to create patterns inside a contour drawing of an object. They used Color-Wheel to demonstrate color contrast in their artworks. In Nepal Studies class, the students were introduced to Nepali numbers 1 to 12 to create a Nepali clock and learn that the numbers have the same value in the different languages we speak in the class.  

The first-day icebreaker for Grade 2 was a coin toss on the topic each student wanted to share with the class. The students reviewed different kinds of lines, shapes, primary and secondary colors and demonstrated overlapping objects in their artworks.

The first-day activity for the upper Elementary was talking about hobbies, summer, a favorite book, and if something common came up, the second person linked up with the first person. and started talking about the topics mentioned above. The process followed until everyone in the class was linked up arms in arms.

The focus in the art for Grade 3 was practicing the skill in creating different shades of one color. They drew objects to demonstrate their techniques in applying overlapping, and different shades of different colors. The students are advancing to their main project on “Monochromatic Self -Portrait.”

Grade 4 students are working on their personal values to apply the words to contour draw around their self-portraits. The students discovered how words and colors can be applied to express feelings through art.

Grade 5 artists have progressed to apply Art Elements to symbolize their own creative ideas to create radical innovative designs. They are working on multiple patterns to create illusions in their artworks.

To close up this fortnight Elementary Art news, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concern regarding Elementary Art.

With best of regards from the Elementary Art Team, 

Bhagawati and Kriti