This week in Grade 2

Grade 2 News



Rolling right along

We are starting to find our daily rhythm. We have begun to internalize the daily schedule are working with the natural ups and downs of the school day.  All students are here and the work at the beginning of the year to ensure a functioning learning environment is complete. Of course, we will continue to have conversations, reminders, and refinements throughout the year.


Academic update:

Reading:  We learning to choose just right books with our hands.  That’s right our hands. We use the five finger rule when selecting a book which looks interesting for our independent reading practice.  If you read the first page of a book and you have 0-1 errors that book is probably to easy for reading practice. If you have five errors that book is to difficult for you right now, put it back and try again in a few weeks.  If you have 2-4 errors on a page that book is “just right” for reading practice. Not to easy and not too hard.


Writing:  We worked with graphic organizers or mind maps to help students struggling with beginning a story.  Our first organizer was about their house and the second was on a topic of their choosing. Next week we will be working on choosing one of the organizers to write about.


Math:  This week we spent time skip counting by 5s, 10s, 25s, and 100s.  We also began working with time to the 5 minutes. We practiced both analog and digital time formats.  We talked about the sneaky hour hand on the analog clock (sometimes it is difficult to tell which hour it is).


Social Studies:  We spent the week working with our classroom reminders and extending them to other areas of our lives.  For instance, what would being in control and making wise choices look like at home or on the playground?


Science:  We have continued to explore the states of matter this week.  In addition to our regular study of solids, liquids, and gases we were able to view a Bill Nye the Science Guy episode which explored the phases of matter.

Important notices and/or reminders


  • Swimming has started.  Don’t forget those swimsuits.  We have swimming on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  It is always a good idea to label your child’s belongings with their name in case of accidental misplacement or confusion of who’s is who’s.


  • Our first Fabulous Friday Assembly is this week.  Parents are welcome to join on Friday morning at 8:00 AM.
  • ASAs continue this week.
  • Be sure to get your student’s lunch order completed online.  


Finally, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns


Mr. Matt and Ms. Mira