Dear Parents,

It was a pleasure meeting most of you at Back-to-School Night, and for those who could not make it, I emailed the Google Slide presentation out.  I know the traffic was horrendous, so if you would like to meet to discuss the year, please just let me know. It’s been a productive few weeks and your kids are now settled in and moving forward.  Akshiti Thapliyal joined us last week and your kids have made her feel most welcome. This class really understands the core values, especially compassion!!!

We did not “Crack the Muffin Code” last week in mathematics as planned, so this week your kids started the day with an open response about codes based on place-value structures. They will also be introduced to the US traditional subtraction strategy, as well convert between yards, feet, and inches. They will end the week exploring properties of points, line segments, lines, and rays.

In Reading & Writing Workshop your children continue exploring fictional stories and establishing their reading lives. In writing, your kids will choose the small moment they would like to develop into a fictional story and begin to develop characters by creating external and internal traits, struggles and motivations, and sketch out scenes that show these traits.  In reading this week, your kids will get into reading partnerships to continue working on reading intensely to grow ideas. They will start working with their partners to make and discuss predictions, ideas, envisioning, as well as character insights and motivations.

Your kids were introduced to Earth Science: Processes That Shape the Earth.  They made predictions about the kind of natural processes that created some of the many formations found on earth.  They also developed an understanding of weathering, erosion, and deposition. This week they will look deeper into what causes these unusual formations.

That about covers the week.  I will attempt to keep you in the loop regarding dates and events that are upcoming in this weekly newsletter.

August 31: First Fabulous Friday Assembly (8 AM)

Sept. 5: Early dismissal (11:50)

Sept. 15: Volleyball tournament

Sept.  22: Swim meet

Oct. 5: ParentTeacher Conferences

Oct. 15-19: Dashain Holiday

I was reminded of a quote by Benjamin Franklin this morning as I was planning the next couple of weeks, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.” It’s good to remember to create activities in which your children dive into an area of study and find meaning for themselves. I hope to present such opportunities.

Have a fantastic week,

Mr. J