Week 6 Update

A number of resources and activities were sent home with your son/daughter on Thursday. One of the most exciting pieces of information was his/her login information for IXL, www.ixl.com. Your son/daughter has access to the math and language arts questions. This is an app that is used in class to support and compliment the lessons taught in class. Please remember to send your son/daughter to school with his/her yellow folder on Monday.

Reading this week was a lot of fun! The kids learned to turn storybooks into old favorites. We practiced this by reading “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” a zillion times (according to the kids). After reading the story several times, they created the setting of the story and colored story sticks. The sticks and setting helped them retell the story to a buddy. The kids are also practicing their story reading skills by rereading stories they have heard before by making their words match the pictures on the page.

The kids’ writing folders are filling up quickly with lots of pieces all about them. They are learning to write their stories across several pages, instead of squishing a whole story into one picture on one page.

The kids continue to work on learning new snap words. This week’s words include it, in, for, said, and, you. Several little packets were sent home on Thursday that is great for extra practice. These packets are not mandatory, but would definitely be beneficial for your son/daughter to complete.

In math this week, the kids learned to play a memory matching game called “Top-It” which they played with dot cards (cards that have dots that represent numbers). This was a great opportunity for them to practice their counting skills and number representation. Also, they were introduced to a five-frame. With their five-frames, they used counters to represent the number five in different ways. The counters are yellow on one side and red on the other. Without them knowing it, this was an introduction to addition. Some of their combinations include 3 yellow and 2 red make 5! Finally, the kids learned about and created patterns this week using pattern blocks of various shapes.

This week, Ms. Hillary, the school counselor came and taught a lesson about embracing your uniqueness and individuality. This lesson complimented our social studies unit on Identity. The kids listened to the story “Elmer” by David Mckee. Then they went on to color their own unique elephant which was sent home in their yellow folder on Thursday.

To end the week, the P1s shared their love of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” with the Grade 12 students. They used their setting and story sticks to tell all the details of this old favorite. After, the Grade 12s read a story to their P1 buddy. Finally, working together, the P1s and Grade 12s created rafts out of eight straws, four pipe cleaners, and two popsicle sticks. They then tested their whether their rafts would float. The purpose of the activity stemmed from the question, “how could the goats have crossed the river if there was no bridge?” It was a great time had by all. The kids are looking forward to their next activity with their Grade 12 buddy.

Important Dates

Early-Release Day @ 11:50 am – Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Parent-Teacher Conferences – Friday, October 5, 2018 (no school for elementary students)

Dashain Holiday (No School) October 15-19

Spirit Week – October 22-26

SAISA – October 25-27

P1 Schedule

Monday – Art & Music

Tuesday – PE & Music & Library

Wednesday – PE/Health & Art

Thursday – Music & Art

Friday – PE & Music