Week 10 Update

The kids had an amazing week leading up to the Dashain holiday. I’m very proud of all their efforts. Today, in your son/daughter’s take-home folder there is his/her Lincoln School Student ID card. Just a reminder that when the kids return to school on October 22, it is Spirit Week. Monday, October 22 is Pajama Day!

In math this week, the kids worked on graphing different pattern block shapes. They talked about the data collected and compared each bar on the graph. They have also been working on solving number stories by drawing pictures, using their fingers, and using counters.

The kids also worked on building shapes using playdoh. The kids are working creating 2D shapes and describing them. They also figured out which shape to create by listening to the number of sides and vertices.

Grade 3 and P1 got together on Wednesday to do reading buddies. It was a great opportunity for all the kids to share some of their favorite books and talk about them.

Ms. Hillary came to visit and read “After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty got back up again” by Dan Santat. It is a story about being brave and overcoming fears. The kids drew a picture to represent a time when they overcame a fear.

This week, the kids have been editing their writing by going back and adding labels to their pictures, adding more details to their drawings, adding more color, adding words to describe what is happening, and fixing up snap words.

The kids shared all they learned this week about living and nonliving things. When we come back from the Dashain break, the kids will begin to learn about plants.

Important Dates

Dashain Holiday (No School) October 15-19

Spirit Week – October 22-26

  • Monday-PJ Day
  • Tuesday-Crazy Hair Day
  • Wednesday-Matching Day (Twin Day)
  • Thursday-School Color Day
  • Friday-Favorite Person Day

SAISA – October 25-27

P1 Schedule

Monday – Art & Music

Tuesday – PE & Music & Library

Wednesday – PE/Health & Art

Thursday – Music & Art

Friday – PE & Music

I hope everyone has a wonderful Dashain Break!