Week 12 Update

The kids continue to grow as readers as they practiced their super reader powers (picture power, pointer power, partner power, reread power) on their own, with a partner, and during guided reading with me.

In writing, they have been working on writing more and more true stories about themselves. At the carpet they think about a story that they want to share with someone else, then with their writing partner, they use their storyteller voice to tell who was involved in the story, where it took place, and what happened. Then they go and put their story on paper. Many of the writers are stretching out their words to write more and more sounds, using finger spaces to separate their words, adding punctuation at the end of a sentence, and using the word wall to help with tricky, unknown words.

In math, the kids have been representing numbers 1-10 in their number books, determined and created a sorting rule using attribute blocks, named shapes by feel, and played monster squeeze. They are loving the different math games played in class. Coming up in math the kids will be making a number scroll, each child will need a paper towel tube to start his/her scroll. Please send your son/daughter to school with a paper towel tube when one becomes available over the month of November.

In science, they observed and recorded their observations about different seeds. They named parts of a plant, needs of a plant, and needs of a seed. With their Grade 12 buddy, they chose a seed and planted it. They also wrote a hypothesis for our class seed experiment, “What will happen to a seed that doesn’t get everything it needs?”

As a class, we discussed fall holidays around the world. The kids shared what they like to do for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Dashain, and Tihar.

In your son/daughter’s folder this week, there was a Second Step letter, I have attached it to this email as well. This letter was provided by Ms. Hillary.

Important Dates

Tihar – No School – November 7,8,9 (Return on Monday, November 12)

Early Release at 11:50 am (no lunch at school) – Wednesday, November 14

Thanksgiving -No School – November 22, 23 (Return on Monday, November 26)

P1 Schedule

Monday – Art & Music

Tuesday – PE & Music & Library

Wednesday – PE/Health & Art

Thursday – Music & Art

Friday – PE & Music