Week 13 Update

The past two days have been busy with reading, writing, math, science, and most importantly fun! I hope everyone has a wonderful Tihar.

The kids continue to work on their super reader powers and shared which ones are their favorites/most helpful.

  1. partner power
  2. picture power
  3. reread power
  4. snap word power
  5. pointer power
  6. sound power
  7. persistence power

In writing, the kids learned to use a checklist as a tool to help guide their progress. They have been practicing putting spaces between words, capitalizing the first letter of a sentence, adding punctuation, and using the word wall to make their writing easier to read.

In math, they learned to use a calculator to solve addition problems. They completed a survey by asking their friends, “What’s your favorite color?”

In science, they observed the seeds they planted last Friday, they noticed there was no change. They also observed a seed out of the soil and the germination stage. They will continue to document the changes they observe in their seeds/future plants.

Important Dates

Tihar – No School – November 7,8,9 (Return on Monday, November 12)

Early Release at 11:50 am (no lunch at school) – Wednesday, November 14

Thanksgiving -No School – November 22, 23 (Return on Monday, November 26)

P1 Schedule

Monday – Art & Music

Tuesday – PE & Music & Library

Wednesday – PE/Health & Art

Thursday – Music & Art

Friday – PE & Music