Senior Spotlight – Sambed

Sambed’s story at Lincoln School is unique, as he joined in Primary 1, left in Grade 4, and returned in Grade 11, making his presence all the more memorable. Sambed’s favorite memory is the time spent with friends around the campfire, eating s’mores during Service Nepal. He also recalls “squeezing into a small six-person table with ten friends during lunch.” If Sambed were an animal, he would be an elephant. He identifies with their empathetic, loyal, and thoughtful nature. If given the chance, Sambed would trade places with Mr. Appleby, a teacher known for his energy and ability to make learning fun. As Sambed looks towards the future, he eagerly awaits the opportunity to make new friends in college and embrace the challenges and adventures that adult life has in store for him. In offering advice to young Lincoln students, Sambed emphasizes time management. “I believe that it is the most important skill in academics and work.” Sambed is grateful to his friends for their unwavering support and for making the school experience more enjoyable. Their presence has played an invaluable role in making his journey at Lincoln School a memorable one. Lincoln School is thankful for the positive impact Sambed has had on the community. We wish him the very best in his future endeavors.