Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Greg McNutt

Secondary English Language Arts Teacher, Greg McNutt, has a history of taking risks, setting and achieving goals, and learning from all of his experiences along the way. After working in the public school system in Chicago, he sought a new challenge and moved to Costa Rica to learn Spanish while teaching English. After returning to the U.S. briefly, he ventured to Turkey to teach at an international school. “I drank a lot of Turkish tea and coffee and fed simit to the seagulls,” he joked. Greg maintained his thirst for new experiences, spending five years in Brazil before moving to Nepal. He relishes teaching internationally, remarking, “I get to really experience living in other cultures and see a different way of life.” Greg’s dedication to quality, inclusive education matched with Lincoln perfectly. “I’m still in awe of this school,” he mused. “This is what schooling should be for everyone; small class sizes, personalized learning, resources and facilities for students to pursue their interests.” Greg credits his determination and adventurous spirit to his parents. “Neither of them went to university, but they challenged themselves, and took risks, with the long-term goal of doing everything in their power to allow me to succeed.” We are so grateful that Greg’s adventures led him to Lincoln!