Clothing Drive for Refugees

The Environmental Action Team (EAT) organized a clothing donation drive for Rohingya refugees in partnership with the human rights organization INHURED International. The primary objective of the project was to collect warm clothes and blankets for 400+ Rohingya refugees living in Kathmandu. With support from the high school StuCo Communications Team, EAT advertised the donation drive through posters, announcements, and emails. EAT is proud to announce over 790 articles of clothing were donated; 25 articles of baby clothing, 350 articles of clothing for kids, 209 articles of clothing for women, 53 articles of clothing for men, and 154 blankets and other accessories! The donations will be distributed this month by INHURED International in collaboration with UNHCR. Thank you to our whole community — students, staff, and families — for making this project a success!