Arts, Athletics, Activities

After School Activities

Our After School Activities options represent these 9 strands of lifelong learning

• Creativity, Strategy, and Innovation
• Imagination and Performance
• Shaping World Leaders
• Movement
• Team Sports
• Music
• 21st Century Media
• Brain
• Service

Elementary After-School Activities

Elementary students are constantly learning and growing, and our After-School Activities create a space for them to socialize, build, play, and explore. Whether it’s age-appropriate sports instruction, voice lessons, or service learning and leadership engagements, these programs provide young children the opportunity to develop their own independent skills and passions.

With over 90 activities to choose from during the 4 sessions of After-School Activities, Lincoln School has close to 100% participation from the students.

Secondary After-School Activities

From representing a country at a Model UN conference to competing for Lincoln at a SAISA tournament, our after-school program is an opportunity for students to hone their creative and athletic talents. Students can participate in intramural football, develop their piano performance skills, work on-on-one with a teacher to improve their creative writing, or prepare for high school-level competition.