Quarantine Photo Essay

In Secondary Art, students were asked to choose a place in their home (or home for now) that they feel represents their Coronavirus experience. This could be their messy room, their study area, the empty street outside, or something that gives them comfort. Their photos could also be an image that represents something that they haven’t experienced before.

Here are some excerpts of student writing from their photo captions:

“This is about having a backyard or space. Many people don’t have this kind of place so they are stuck at home not playing sports outside. I was lucky to have a place to play badminton.” -Dani, Grade 7

“I chose this photo because it just reminds me of how peaceful it is outside my house during the lockdown. It also makes me feel calm every time I feel stressed. I just look out the window because I can’t go outside.” -Hamnah, Grade 8

“Quarantine gives a new outlook on life: things we used every day become useless. The patterns of the repeat day after day. Our homes become our entire world. I find the first image humorously ironic, for exercise here people are quite literally running in circles.”

-Sasha, Grade 9