AUSTSWIM Comes to Lincoln School

Ten Lincoln School students and staff engaged in a fantastic professional development program from March 20-24, when AUSTSWIM presenter of the year, Ceri Weeks, flew into Kathmandu from Australia to certify some of our students and PE staff with Australia’s national accreditation for the teaching of swimming and water safety. 
Mrs. Weeks was extremely impressed with the program we already have in place at Lincoln School and made recommendations on how we could build on the good work that has already been done. She was very complimentary of our students, teachers and teaching assistants and, upon completion of the course, stated: “It was really great to see the system that was already in place, as well as the communication and support that occurs between teachers, teaching assistants and students in and out of the pool. There has clearly been a lot of thought into the design of the pool and, even more importantly, the design of the Aquatics curriculum that allows all consistent quality feedback and instruction.” 
Aquatics Director, Luke Davis said “It was a joy to see all our newly accredited AUSTSWIM teachers working alongside each other in the pool in such a synchronized manner. I am extremely pleased with the program outcomes and the fact that all our Swim teachers are on exactly the same page when it comes to the teaching of swimming and water safety. Because of the success of this program, I am inclined to become an AUSTSWIM presenter myself, which would allow me to lead such training programs in the future.”  

Lincoln School now has the 2nd largest amount of AUSTSWIM certified teachers in South Asia and can potentially become an AUSTSWIM learning centre in the future for other candidates. A special mention must also go to Rahab, Shreetika, Niharika, Elisa and Oshina for being such fantastic “student-teachers” and they will soon all qualify to come AUSTSWIM licensed teachers.