Grade 5 Music Students Take Field Trip to the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory to Record their Original Song

These last few weeks in Grade 5 music we have been learning about folk music and protest music. As a culmination of this unit  we embarked on writing our own protest song. First, we picked what we wanted to protest. The class chose the treatment of street dogs in Kathmandu. We then started writing our song by outlining a form and a few big ideas we wanted to get across to the listener. After our brainstorming session, the class decided they wanted to write the song from the street dogs point of voice. So with this information, we started with the chorus and once that was nailed down we wrote verse 1, verse 2, and finally the bridge. Once the song was completed the class wanted to find a way to make it even more meaningful to all the street dogs out there. So we have decided to sell the song and any money that we make give to the Kathmandu Animal Treatment center.

The song will be available for purchase at the Back to School Picnic on September 29th. Our hope is that the music we made can be used as a tool for change in the world.

Below are some photos and a video from that field trip!
 In the mixing room, listening back to the song!  In the studio checking the microphones! Getting ready to record!  Learning about the mixing board in the sound room! 

Video compilation of our field trip! Thanks Mr. Curtis for putting it together and taking all the photos that day! 


We hope we inspired you to make music that creates a dialogue, sparks action, and makes the world a kinder more aware place for both people and street dogs.