Faculty Spotling: Mr. Caleb Ulliman

“I’m inspired by problem-solving,” Secondary Math & Science teacher, Caleb Ulliman, said. “It is exciting to use creativity to come up with solutions.” From his start in the elementary classroom through his time teaching middle school science in Mexico and English to Buddhist monks in India, Caleb has shared this inspiration with students around the world, and never passed up an opportunity for personal growth. “I love having new experiences and learning new things,” he said. “It’s easy to grow when you are surrounded by something that is not what you are used to, and that’s really exciting.” Caleb continued his educational journey through the winter holiday, “Most recently, I learned how to change a diaper for my baby nephew!” Caleb is impressed with Lincoln’s attention to health and safety, and feels connected to the priority placed on community and culture. “I feel really valued,” he emphasized. We are grateful to have Caleb as a part of our community.