Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Roy Tomlinson

This is High School Math Teacher Roy Tomlinson’s 20th year as an international teacher, but his journey began in the military. Roy was raised all over the USA in a military family, before joining the military himself. It was during his time stationed in Germany that he began coaching American Football for a Department of Defense school, motivating him to get his teaching degree and enter the world of education. Since then, he has taught in Singapore, The Philippines, and Japan. Roy is impressed by how hard everyone works at Lincoln, especially during the challenges of COVID. “It’s really impressive,” he shared, “everyone really cares about the students and the school.” Roy is inspired by creative people. “When I see people create something beautiful, it is very touching,” he said. Challenges in Roy’s life have led him to the practice of mindfulness, and we are so fortunate to have his thoughtful, peaceful perspective in our community of learners.