Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Kate Gibson

Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Kate Gibson, uses her wide range of experiences to fill her classroom with love and inclusivity. Originally a professional clown and dancer, Kate moved to Nepal after living in San Francisco, California. “The campus is beautiful and Lincoln is just such a kind and welcoming place,” she said. Kate considers herself a “2.5 culture kid” as she lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a baby, and her parents lived in East Africa for eight years after she graduated from high school. She loves being in the diverse classroom setting of Lincoln School, where students speak multiple languages and come from many different cultures, and is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in education with a focus on anti-bias and inclusion. “I have been pondering the importance of connecting with our own identities,” Kate shared, “and how being able to share these musings openly allows others to feel more free to express themselves, too.” These concepts extend into her teaching, where she gives students a free and open space to explore their identities and express themselves. “Creativity and people living to their fullest potential inspire me,” Kate said. We are fortunate to have Kate’s creativity and experience inspiring our youngest learners every day.