Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Allison O’Sullivan

Elementary Principal, Allison O’Sullivan, is inspired by Lincoln’s students each day. “The unique sparks in each student give me hope that the world can be a better place,” she shared. Allison grew up in Oregon, USA, in a family that valued learning and with grandparents who traveled all over the world. Their travel encouraged Allison to journey to other places and explore diverse cultures. A few short years after meeting her husband, Jeremiah, on a study abroad, they started working at an international school in Taiwan. It is there that Allison and Jeremiah had their first child, Tegan, before moving to Lincoln and Kathmandu in 2012. It was a great fit for their family from the start. “Lincoln is such an authentic community of people working together towards a common, student-centered goal,” Allison said. “In this way, it is unlike any other school that I’ve been at.” After a fulfilling initial six years at the school and the addition of their second child, Liam, her experiences at Lincoln led Allison and her family back to Nepal following their time in Latvia. This time, Allison transitioned from being the School Counselor to the Elementary Principal, where she continues to draw on her values of compassion and learning. “I love being an educator, an advocate for children and someone who helps open doorways for learning and growth,” she shared. We are fortunate to have Allison’s compassionate leadership at Lincoln School and are thrilled to have her family back within the extended Lincoln family.