Senior Spotlight – Patricia

Patricia joined Lincoln in 2021 and has made a lasting impression on her peers and teachers alike. Her fondest memories of her time in our community include AP Psychology, writing her research paper in Senior Project, and participating in SAISA Art. These experiences have allowed her to explore her interests and passions, and she’s grateful for the opportunities the school has provided her. When asked which animal she would be, Patricia chose a blue whale. She admires their peaceful and calm nature, yet their demand for respect. It’s a reflection of Patricia’s own character, as she carries herself with a quiet confidence. If she could switch places with any teacher, it would be Ms. McGuinness because Patricia loves her classes. As Patricia looks towards the future, she’s excited to become more independent and start college. She’s grateful for the support of her parents, sisters, friends, and teachers, who have all played an integral role in her growth and development. Finally, Patricia’s advice to her fellow students is “Don’t be afraid to take up space.” She’s lived by this motto throughout her time at Lincoln School, and it’s allowed her to make the most of her experiences and opportunities. As Patricia moves on to the next chapter of her life, the Lincoln School community wishes her all the best and can’t wait to see what she achieves next.