Senior Spotlight – Aryashree

Aryashree’s journey in Lincoln School began in Grade 8. When reminiscing about his time here, his favorite memories include the exhilaration of SAISA and Service Nepal adventures and the joy of engaging in after-school activities, playing football, and sharing laughter and conversation with friends during lunch and break time. “The things I am looking forward to the most are living independently, exploring, traveling and trying new food,” Aryashree said of his future. If given the chance, Aryashree would trade places with Mr. Sirkka, captivated by the access and opportunities that come with being in the tech office. Aryashree’s advice to his fellow students is a reminder not to stress about things. “You will get there soon, it’s only a matter of time,” he shared. Finally, Aryashree expresses his gratitude to his parents, teachers, and friends. We wish him continued growth, fulfillment, and happiness, confident that he will embrace life’s adventures with open arms.