Grade 5 Visits a Recording Studio to Lay Down some Tracks!

In Grade 5 music, students recently wrote a protest song surrounding their feelings on climate change. Grade 5 students chose the subject, researched, and together composed a song that reflected their beliefs. After writing the song, we took it to the recording studio at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory and laid down our tracks!

 Warming up our voices in the studio!  Sound Check!
 Between takes we practice… and relax  That’s a wrap!







At Lincoln School, we all strive to be stewards of the environment. Our hope as a Grade 5 music team is that our song inspires listeners to be better stewards of the environment and work to create a better tomorrow for our earth. The chorus of the song is written from the earth’s point of view and says. . .

I’m feeing blue, it’s getting hotter

Trees are burning and I’m on fire

Please stop the cars the trash the air

It’s getting too hard

And I’m tired

If you’d like to hear our song, you can purchase a copy at the Back to School Picnic. The CD and Jump Drive at the picnic will come with original artwork and a chance to meet the makers of the song, Grade 5! Or you can email for your digital download! All proceeds will go to a project of the Grade 5’s choosing that supports the cause.