Senior Spotlight – Artem

Artem joined Lincoln in Grade 7 and has embraced the community ever since. When asked about his favorite memory at Lincoln School, Artem recalls the SAISA Art trip to Jordan this year. If he could embody an animal, he would choose to be a cat. “They seem oblivious to all of life’s problems and do nothing but chill all day,” he shared. Artem would trade places with Mr. Appleby, a teacher whose cool experiments and intriguing machines have captured his curiosity. Looking towards the future, Artem is ready to live independently and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. His advice to his fellow students is multifaceted. He encourages them to have fun and enjoy their high school journey, but also emphasizes the importance of staying on top of their work and trusting their instincts. Finally, Artem extends his gratitude to his peers for their support during tough times. Their friendship and presence have been a source of strength and comfort throughout his high school journey. He also expresses deep appreciation to his teachers for their understanding and support. We wish Artem continued success and fulfillment in all his future endeavors, confident that he will continue to shine brightly and make a positive impact wherever life takes him.