Secondary School Families: Season 3 After-School Activity & SAISA Spots are Ready to be Filled

Dear Secondary School families,

Congratulations on yet another incredible season of activities at Lincoln School! We are very proud of our SAISA teams and the attitude, determination, sportsmanship and focus they displayed during our culminating tournaments. If you did not catch the news, our boys won SAISA football for the 5th time in SAISA history, while our girls’ basketball team medalled again with an appearance in the finals.

A huge thank you to all our Lincoln School host families, LSPA and supporters who helped make the SAISA Boys’ Football tournament we hosted here an outstanding success.

We are looking forward to season 3 now with our Girls’ Football team going to Colombo, our Track & Field team traveling to Jordan, and our Boys’ Basketball team heading to Muscat.

Season 3 After-School Activity and SAISA spots are ready to be filled! Please visit to see the schedule and complete the form using the sign-up link. Please sign-up online by 4.00 pm on Monday, February 19th. We will be handing out further information on this season’s SAISA teams to those trying out on Tuesday, February 20th.

Once signed up for an activity, students are expected to attend as if a regular class. If there are reasons why a student cannot attend on a particular day, they are required to inform the activity leader.

Have a great third season of activities and go Snow Leopards!