Hear and Tell! Music and Culture in Grade 3

Children in Grade 3 explore culture through music.

Aisha shares a Russian folk song called “Cheburashka” with the class. This was a song she learned as a young child in Russia.

Arina translates the Russian song “Din Din Din.” Michaela talks to her classmates about Caribbean culture and shows off her homemade maracas.

Bidhi plays a traditional Nepali instrument.   Raadiah plays a traditional woodwind instrument from Bangladesh. She explained that this instrument is played for celebrations in Bangladesh and also used to charm snakes.  Daniel shows off a Nepali drum called  madala.

Collin plays a song that reminds him of his American culture.

Peyton explains a video that is showing a traditional song and dance from New Zealand.

Shaurya shows a sarangi to the class. This is a traditional Nepali instrument played with a bow.

 Saga shows the class photos of a Danish festival called Sanktthans where tradition Danish songs are sung. Levi chose to show the class a bluegrass song from America. This song is special to him because his mom’s side of the family grew up playing bluegrass music. The song was also called “Levi.”
Loke plays the song “Waka Waka” for the class and talks to the class about the culture in Mozambique.


Eli, another student in Grade 3 played the song “Can’t Stop This Feeling” for the class. This song comes from America.