Grade 12 Rafts and Canyons Through Sindupalchok!

On the Grade 12 Service Nepal Trip, the Seniors traveled to Borderlands, in the Sindhuplachok region, in order to perform various service-learning projects with the Bachchhaladevi School, as well as make an active effort to bond with each other in what was our final Service Nepal trip. The Service Nepal experience features many special moments to cherish as we all move on to the next phases of our lives. It can be said with great confidence that every senior grew as a person and was able to develop mutual respect for one another. The trip also received great feedback from a multitude of students, “This final Service Nepal was one I will remember for a lifetime, and I hope we see this moment as the foundation, not the highlight of how we want to spend our school year” said Senior, Dylan M. Beyond the adventures of rafting and canyoning in the great outdoors, the service-learning projects were a great success, and everyone felt that we really gave the school students a new experience that hopefully they can build on. The PLUM and English lessons, for instance, were great foundations on which awareness and learning can spread throughout the entire village.

– Rehann S