Seniors Rock, Rappel, and Raft on Service Nepal!

Service Nepal 2022 – 2023 is a wrap! Our seniors traveled near the border of Nepal and Tibet, camping at Borderlands. There, they interacted with students from Bachaladevi school with whom Lincoln shares a 15-year-long relationship. The seniors carried out classes to educate the Bachaledevi school students about various subjects, such as the menstrual cycle, hygiene, and puberty. They even played some volleyball! The seniors and the Bachaladevi students also learned about the impacts of climate change on the local environment, hiking to areas affected by devastating landslides. Aside from cooperating with Bachaladevi students, Lincoln Seniors participated in adventurous activities. On the fourth day, Seniors prepared for the upcoming canyoning by learning the basic techniques, and on the fifth, they implemented their knowledge down a rushing, cold cascade. Every student stepped out of their comfort zone with each adrenaline-rushing activity, effectively forming new bonds and meaningful memories. To end the memorable trip, the Class of 2023 rafted down the Sunkoshi River with the eleventh grade.