Senior Spotlight– Aaditya

Leading up to Graduation, we will be highlighting members of the Class of 2022. Today, we recognize Aaditya, who has been at Lincoln for his entire high school career. “My favorite memories at Lincoln School come from being within the community and participating in activities such as SAISA and Service Nepal where I got to bond with my peers as more than just classmates, but as friends,” he shared.

As an avid athlete, Aaditya said if he could be any animal, it would be a duck. “They can swim, run and fly, and I like to consider myself an all-rounder.” If he could trade places with any teacher, though, it’s less about the athleticism and more about the tech. “I would trade places with Mr. Appleby because he gets to mess around with a bunch of tech stuff, play chess, and teach kids math.”

After graduation, Aaditya is looking forward to pursuing his interests more directly and enjoying his independence. His advice to younger students is related to the close-knit family at Lincoln. “Embrace the community. We are a small school which allows you to build close relationships with a lot of people around you,” he said.

“There are countless people I would like to thank,” Aaditya expressed. “For academics, all my teachers, specifically Mr. Duwal for spending a lot of extra time helping me with all my STEM courses. And for athletics, LD and SD have been a big part of my journey in multiple sports.”

We are grateful for Aaditya’s hard work and all of his contributions to Lincoln. Best of luck on your journey, and thank you for being a great Snow Leopard!