Grade 5 Music Field Trip


In Grade 5 music we have been learning about folk music and protest music. To culminate our unit, we embarked on a creative journey to write our own protest song. Last week we traveled to the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory to professionally record our product.

The song will be available for purchase at the Back to School Picnic on September 29th. All proceeds from our song will be given to the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Center (KAT Center).

Below are some photos and a video from that field trip!


 In the mixing room, listening back to the song! 

In the studio checking the microphones! Getting ready to record! 

Learning about the mixing board in the sound room! 


Lincoln School Elementary Music Composers – Little Blue World

An important part of the elementary music program at Lincoln School is writing and creating music. We believe that each child is a composer and can write and perform original works. As part of our composer units, students used composition apps to craft pieces, as well as study composers of their choice. We  recently dove into the music of living composer Jeremy Messersmith and collectively learned his song “Little Blue World.”

After completing different grade level composition units, we recorded the entire elementary school singing Little Blue World and sent it to Jeremy Messersmith.  Along with our video, students compiled a list of questions for Jeremy. We are excited to share his video response which also includes a special performance for our Lincoln students! 


Elementary School Making of “Little Blue World.”

Thanks to all those involved in recording and sending the video!





Learning about history, art and culture

Well-known Thangka artist Mr. Sudharshan Suwal paid a visit to the elementary Art classroom to share his expertise and knowledge. Working together, Grade 3 students explored the history of Thangka painting and learned the traditional way of creating paints by grinding and pounding rocks and minerals. Afterwards, they had an opportunity to apply the colors to their Thangka compositions. 

Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences

There was a wonderful sense of community on campus during the Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences. Parents and Teachers dialogued about student progress, growth, and celebrated the learning that has taken place since the start of the start of the year, and there is plenty more to come! 

Kid Activists in the Fifth Grade

Students in Grade 5 music explored activism through  music. They started by analyzing Bob Dylan’s song “Blowing in the Wind.” Through analyzing the text they discovered the song is about compassion and the importance of being a catalyst of change.

After learning and recording the song we dove into real life kid activists! The Grade 5 students researched and wrote about a kid activist that inspired them. In the video you will see the big ideas the students took from their kid activists on the signs they are holding up.

The students in Grade 5 came to the conclusion that everyone can be the change no matter the age! All you have to do is find your passion and start learning. By learning you’ll connect by connecting you’ll engage. We encourage our students to talk to teachers, parents, friends, and community members about service learning and activism!


Grade 2 hits the keys!

Students in Grade 2  had their first lesson on the keyboards today! They were asked to identify all “C”, “D”, and “E” keys on the piano. After practicing “C”, “D”, and “E” they learned their first song applying the notes. The room was buzzing with excitement!


STEM in Primary 1

Primary 1 put their engineering skills in gear this week with a STEM challenge! The goal was to make a paper chain taller than themselves. They were given no direction other than the goal, the materials provided, and a ten-minute time-frame.

  1. 1 piece of construction paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Tape/Glue

Problem-solving and design thinking were the focus. Each student made a plan, had fun while doing the activity, and learned along the way!