Work at Lincoln School


Highly certified and qualified, committed to innovative and developmentally appropriate pedagogy, Lincoln School teachers create an incredible student experience.

Life-Long Learners

Lincoln School believes that a high standard professional development program is fundamental to enhance and improve the teaching staff’s abilities, while attaining the set school-wide goals. LS encourages teachers to attend national and international workshops, seminars, conferences, and courses and to share these new skills acquired with the rest of the staff, therefore benefiting the school community. For example, time is given for teachers to attend NESA’s Spring Educator Conference and support is given to teachers who express interest in NESA’s Training Institutes. Each teacher has a professional development fund to support one’s lifelong learning.

Teachers getting a voice to guide the vision of the school.

Living in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a very international city with a year-round expat community and frequent visitors for trekking and other outdoor pursuits. In Kathmandu, you can find many western conveniences. There are great food and entertainment opportunities as well as modern and traditional shopping centers and malls. The welcoming and kind nature of our host country makes Nepal a very special place to call home.