Literacy Week Kickoff!

Lincoln School elementary students had the pleasure of having visiting author Karuna, a 3rd grader at a nearby school, speak to the ES during their Monday morning assembly.  She talked about the challenges of writing a picture book, the process she went through, and why she wrote the book to help those affected by the floods in Nepal.  This was a great beginning to Literacy Week and definitely inspired our students!

There are signed copies of Karuna’s book available for purchase in the ES library.  All proceeds will go to help those affected by the floods in the Terai.


Spirit Week @ Lincoln!

Spirit Week was in full force at Lincoln School this week! Leading up to the SAISA Girls Volleyball tournament, students and teachers showed their spirit through a series of dress-up days starting with International Day and ending with Holiday Day (dress in your favorite holiday). The week was a fun way to connect students PS-Grade 12 and celebrate the spirit of community and Lincoln pride!!!

Grade 3 Publishes Personal Narrative Stories

Grade 3 students enthusiastically shared their first published books of the year. They welcomed elementary specialists, administration and…the Chennai Raptors girls volleyball team  to our classroom! They couldn’t believe how many guests we had for our writing celebration. Students were able to show the process of publishing a personal narrative book, from getting their first idea, to revising, editing, and finally publishing. All of our guests enjoyed listening to their creative stories and gave Grade 3 students a lot of positive feedback. These students are definitely excited to start writing even more books. Congratulations Grade 3!

Grade 9 Advocates for Community Wellness

The ninth grade health class has spent the last week promoting health and wellness. Their projects aimed to raise awareness and engage secondary students in learning activities relating to self-esteem; sleep deprivation; positive peer influence; stress management, and healthy physical behaviors.


French-Spanish crêpes party

The 9th grade Spanish and French class shared a lovely time making crepes today. The French class taught the Spanish students how to evenly spread the batter with the twist of their wrist and cook it until it was a golden brown. It was the first time cooking for some of the students! There was even some impressive crepe flipping in between! Crepes were then enjoyed with some delicious fillings such as chocolate, jam, whipped cream, bananas and even some lime! It was fun times chatting and enjoying the delicious treats with the other class. We definitely want to continue to plan more events like this between classes! Perhaps next time we will share a Spanish dish!