Lafayette College Representative Addresses High School Students

Mr. Eugene Gabey (admissions representative from Lafayette College) and Rijan Maharjan (recent graduate of Lafayette and Yale Grad. School) recently visited with 10th, 11th and 12th grade students at Lincoln to discuss the value of studying at a Liberal Arts college. Important aspects of the University application process were discussed and advice about successful adaptation to college life was presented.  Lafayette is a prestigious Liberal Arts College in Pennsylvania (located 75 miles from both New York City and Philadelphia).

Health Exploratory Advocates Balance

The Grade 8 Exploratory class were (re)introduced to Health and Wellness this week, with the aim of creating a bulletin board that showcases the four dimensions of holistic health: Physical Health, Mental & Emotional Health, Social Health, and Intellectual Health.

Students related these dimensions to the life of a Lincoln student, as well as recognizing possible risk factors and ways to ensure positive behaviors and decision-making.

Lincoln Learners Celebrate their Pursuit of Dreams!

On the penultimate day of the school year, over 200 students, parents, teachers, coaches and administrators gathered on our transformed elementary school rooftop to celebrate our students’ pursuit of dreams during the 2017-2018 school year. Our secondary students, dressed for the occasion, indulged in a great feast, and cheered on their peers and teammates during the banquet. Teachers and coaches put great thought into their speeches, and recognized some outstanding groups and individuals for their contributions to our programs, including each team’s MVP, MIP and Coaches Award, as well as the Athlete of the Year and Snow Leopard Awards.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The year began with hosting the LS Invitational Volleyball & Swimming Championships, that included local clubs and schools, as well the American Embassy School in New Delhi.
  • Our girls won this invitational Volleyball tournament, while our boys’ only lost to a club team.
  • We won the 3rd Annual Lincoln Invitational Swimming Championships with many outstanding performances.
  • We hosted SAISA Girls’ Volleyball and successfully defended our title! For our girls’ team, this is the 5th year in succession that we have either won or been in the final. An incredible record.  
  • Our Boys’ Volleyball team was also back to back SAISA champions! This is a record 9 SAISA titles for Boys’ Volleyball after a thrilling 5-set battle vs AISD in the final.
  • We travelled to Muscat, Oman for SAISA Swimming, where our girls’ and boys’ teams both finished 2nd, and achieved 12 SAISA record-breaking performances, broke over 50 school records, and won 23 gold medals!
  • Also for swimming, our 10-12 girls and 15-19 girls & boys were all SAISA champions. It was an incredible first season of swimming and volleyball!
  • We took a team of 6 players and 2 coaches for an incredible Tennis and cultural experience in Amman, Jordan.  
  • We attended a MUN conference in Holland and hosted a small MUN conference in the Spring.
  • We hosted a very successful SAISA Art Festival with a number of schools participating in the region, and our students producing fantastic work under the guidance of professionals.
  • Our SAISA Girls’ Basketball team had a fantastic 2nd place finish in Mumbai and also made it to the finals of the NISSA Championships we hosted.
  • Our SAISA Boys’ Football team finished 2nd in the NISSA league, before we hosted a 10-team SAISA tournament off-campus and went through the tournament undefeated, winning our 5th SAISA Boys’ Football Championships!
  • Our Badminton team traveled to Colombo and continues to show strong growth.
  • Our SAISA Girls’ Football team finished 2nd in the NISSA league, and then traveled to Colombo, where they finished 6th overall despite some strong performances.
  • SAISA Track and Field had some wonderful individual performances and were 10-12 girls champions, while our 13-14 girls finished 2nd place.
  • We hosted the NISSA Boys’ Basketball Tournament again this year and our team won for the 3rd year in a row with some outstanding play. The team also traveled to Muscat where they did not play to their potential, but learned valuable lessons.
  • A successful series of secondary one-act play productions was performed.
  • MS Male Athlete of the Year: Atreya K
  • MS Female Athlete of the Year: Niamh P
  • HS Male Athlete of the Year: Avi R
  • HS Female Athlete of the Year: Ayushma T
  • Snow Leopard Award: Sarya T-M & Niharika T

Lincoln Youth Football Team Triumph in LS 9-A-Side Tournament!

KATHMANDU, Nepal. — On Saturday, May 19th, Lincoln School hosted an inter-school 9-a-side U-14 football tournament for our youth football teams and other local schools in Kathmandu – Rato Bangala School, Premier International School and GEMS. Due to many participants in our program, Lincoln contributed two teams to the tournament, “Lincoln Red” and “Lincoln White”.

The tournament kicked off with Lincoln Red taking on last year’s finalists, Premier International. In a keenly contested match, both teams scored from free-kicks with the game finishing 1-1. Lincoln Red then triumphed over Lincoln White (4-0) and Rato Bangala School (1-0). While the Lincoln White team was mostly comprised of younger, less experienced players, their attitude was fantastic and the team played their heart out in each game. However, coming into the last game before the final, all of GEMS, Premier International School and Lincoln Red were tied on points, meaning that Lincoln Red had to defeat GEMS to go to the final. The game was tied 1-1 after normal time, but the Reds earned a penalty in extra time to send the ecstatic Lincoln players into the final, where they had to play Premier International once more. In a cagey affair, neither team was able to unlock their opponents’ defense and the tournament would be decided on the lottery of a penalty shootout. Grade 7 student, Goethe, was the hero in the shootout, scoring his goal and then saving Premier’s penalties to help Lincoln to victory!

Lincoln Swimmers Sizzle in the Pool in Fun Finale Meet

KATHMANDU, Nepal. — The evening of Friday, May 25th saw 60 Lincoln Elementary and Middle School swimmers jump into our pool to race and showcase their development in both LS swim clubs and Physical Education classes this year. We also invited 30 swimmers from Nisarga Batika School to join the fun in 25 and 50 meter events in the four competitive strokes. Swimmers in purple to green caps, along with our swim team members in Middle School, powered through the water with many personal best performances. Cheered on by a large crowd, it was great to see swimmers of varying ages and abilities give their best in the water. The meet also saw seven school records broken; Nasir lowered his personal marks in the 50 free, back, breast, fly and 100 IM, while Isabella broke records in the 50 back and then swam the joint fastest 50 meter freestyle time for girls in Lincoln history with a time of 29.33. Congratulations to all! 

An Afternoon of One-Acts

After tackling some serious and intimate pieces over the past two years, the theatre team decided to do an afternoon of one-acts for this year’s performance, and once again they did not disappoint.

They brilliantly balanced 3 different plays perfectly, shifting from humor to a more serious tone, and then closing with a light-hearted tone that made those in the audience smile.

Ms. Molly Nielsen and Ms. Iris Kolodji mentored and supported this young secondary team as they followed their voices, and had a very positive experience. There was hard work put in by the people behind the stage, in the booth, and the ones in the light on the stage; on behalf of the spectators, we’d like to thank you for your dedication to theatre.

Thanks for an afternoon of One-Acts!

Snow Leopards Stay on Track in Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan. — This year SAISA Track and Field was exceptionally strong. We took 28 athletes with us to Jordan, up from only 15 athletes last year! Our team broke eleven school records including both the 4×100 and the 4×400 relay records for the Girls 13-14. The Lincoln team frequently found themselves on the podium, especially the Girls 10-12 and the Girls 13-14. They were Champions and runners-up respectively. Our team worked hard during practice, and we persevered through all the difficult sets our coaches put us through. This persistence and determination led us to perform incredibly during the tournament. Our coaches supported us mentally and physically before our races and helped us to reflect on our races after. We then visited the Dead Sea, which was another experience none of us will ever forget. All in all, it was a great Track meet, and a successful end to SAISA for another year. Looking forward to running away with it next year!

-Akshara S

Lincoln Girls’ Football Wins Hearts in Colombo

COLOMBO, Sri-Lanka. — Despite being a young team comprised almost entirely of middle-schoolers and freshmen, the Lincoln School girls football team kicked off the season with high heads and spirited hearts. The NISSA games began almost immediately, and it didn’t take long to feel the void past teammates had left. There were a few games where we played really well, but as a fairly inexperienced team, we felt a lack of “gel” and as a result, didn’t place as well as we would have liked or had expected at the final tournament.

Even so, we weren’t put down. In the next month and half, we came to each practice with bright smiles and an eagerness to learn, and in the process, developed not only our stamina and skills, but also our relationships with one another. More challenges were faced as two key players announced they couldn’t travel and while it was a setback, we kept moving forward. We were willing to do anything to ensure a successful SAISA. Some of us would even practice wearing extra clothing to prepare us for the heat and humidity awaiting us at Colombo, Sri Lanka, but the second we stepped out of the airplane, we laughed, knowing it had in no way done so.

Thursday, April 19th came quickly, and SAISA was finally underway. We began the tournament strong, winning both our games on the first day 3-0. Our offense was an unstoppable force, shooting ball after ball and sending six of them to the back of the opponent’s net. Our defense, with our star goalie, Sarya, behind us, also displayed immense strength, with interrupting each run and deflecting every shot. At the end of the first day, we were feeling quite spirited, being the only team to have conceded zero goals; we were on our way to being one of the first seed teams into the semis.

After drawing 0-0 with AISD, all we needed was a point from our fourth game against the home team, OSC, to progress to the semis. Their entire school was present cheering for their team, and it got to us. We starting making mistakes, and before the end of the first half, we had conceded a goal. We played significantly better in the second half; we sent shot after shot at their goal but unfortunately, none of them went in. Then things took a turn for the worst. A lightning storm broke, and not too long into it, our goalie got injured after colliding with another player. With the thunderstorm getting closer, there were shouts to get off the pitch, people directing us to the gym, cries for Sarya, and tears knowing we weren’t going to make it to the semis.

At the end of the day, we all learned valuable lessons. Not just in regard to football, but life as well. Win some, lose some, but no matter what we’d provide unconditional support to each other. As Coach Anne put it, even the greatest teams can lose to anyone on a bad day. We knew what our mistakes were and made it our mission to correct it in our next game. We played our last game against ASB the following day and honestly, it was one of our best games in the entire season. We made strong, accurate passes, took shots when we could and even though we had to find a last minute, replacement goalie, we only conceded one goal.

We finished the tournament in 6th place, which is amazing considering we scored six goals and only conceded two in our five matches.  While it wasn’t what we had hoped for, I couldn’t be prouder of the selfless dedication, determination, support, and spirit that this group of girls displayed not only over SAISA, but the entire season.

Go Lady Leopards!

By Niharika