Kayaking in the Pool!

Our Grade 11 students stepped up their preparations for Service Nepal by kayaking in our heated swimming pool. This was an opportunity for our students and teachers to meet their river and kayaking guides, while practicing important kayaking and water safety skills in a controlled environment.

Disco Rhino Dances All Day – Fossick Project at Lincoln School

This past week we had the honor of hosting the Fossick Project at Lincoln School. The creators of Fossick, Marta del Grandi and Cecilia Valagussa, worked with our Grade 4 and Grade 5 students to create a smaller version of their visual and audio performance.

The Fossick Project aims to produce artistic performances about the relationship between man and nature
 to suggest a reflection on environmental issues and raise awareness around urgent causes. Illustrator Cecilia Valagussa and singer-songwriter Marta del Grandi, the workshop facilitators, met in Belgium in 2013, 
while attending their Master studies at the School of Arts. Their collaboration is based on a mutual inspiration and on a common talent for storytelling. Here are two samples of their work. A Journey Into the World and Swim to Me.

Cecilia applies an analogical approach to create a live animation, by using an overhead projector on which she places different materials like flour, leaves, everyday things, and handmade props. She uses many techniques such as cut-out, drawing, and etching. Marta’s voice, unique for its versatility and endless shades, moves effortlessly on the compositions that she writes with samples, synthesizers and acoustic instruments 
on Ableton Live.

Their workshop focused on storytelling with sounds and images and challenged the students to free their creativity, imagination, and use their knowledge in a practical way. The theme was wildlife conservation and the relationship between man and the earth beneath.
 Students were asked to write a story collectively, collect sound samples, write melodies and lyrics, draw characters, their environment and define their interaction. The workshop ended with a little performance. 
Our students set their focus on endangered animals in Nepal.

Day 1 – Research and Sketching

Day 2 – Songwriting Starts

Day 3 – Adding Movement to Animals and Orchestration to the Song

Day 4 – Finishing Animals and Rehearsing Song Memorized

Day 5 – Performance!



Students Prepare for Higher Education

From Fall through early Spring, Lincoln has the honor of hosting many colleges and universities from USA, Canada and South East Asia. They come to visit with our students and faculty, either as independent representatives or part of the larger traveling EducationUSA Fair. These interactions are valuable platforms to make those personal connections and also allow for a deeper understanding of who our students are and the programs that these visiting colleges offer.

The University Representatives always have delightful feedback, both of our students and their experience at Lincoln. We also invite host country schools to the college fair so they do not miss out on this valuable opportunity. Last Friday, the Consular section section of the US Embassy also made a US Visa Application Presentation for our non-US families to familiarize them with the US visa application process.

Regina Thapa


LSPA Coffee Morning Focused on Service Learning

On January 25th, Anne McGuinness presented Lincoln School’s service-learning program during the LSPA Coffee Morning. At Lincoln we believe that service-learning is a partnership that addresses genuine community needs and includes continual reflection and analysis. Our service-learning program strives to foster in our students empathy, inspiration, and the ability to selflessly serve as compassionate global citizens and leaders who actively engage within their communities.

Successful and meaningful service-learning requires the support, involvement, and shared commitment of all stakeholders. As Lincoln School community members, you can support our service-learning  programs by connecting us to your networks; we are looking to build long-term sustainable partnerships. You can lend us your expertise; our students and student-led initiatives can benefit from your mentorship.

We encourage you to get in touch with Anne (amcguinness@lsnepal.com) if you are interested in getting involved or learning more about Lincoln’s service-learning program.

Lincoln School Seniors Host Bachchhaladevi Secondary School

This past weekend, Lincoln seniors connected with students from the Bachchhaladevi Secondary School as part of an ongoing service project in conjunction with Service Nepal. This was the 7th visit of Bachchhaladevi students to Lincoln. The senior class, along with a few juniors, crafted a weekend experience for the village students that included English and Science lessons along with health classes, sports, a cultural tour of Patan Durbar Square and more bonding. Lincoln students also planned and cooked the meals for the participants, over 60 people in total. Both Lincoln students and the visiting students slept at school for two nights and continued the lasting relationship between Lincoln School and Bachchhaladevi Secondary School.

Yoga and Mindfulness in MS PE!

In the middle school physical and health education classes,  Mr. Rupesh from Pranamaya visited Lincoln during the week prior to Winter Break to help teach our students about the relationship between body and mind, and the importance of being mindful of yourself and your surroundings. It was also a way of showing them a different form of physical activity that will help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. We also introduced the concept of visualization to make you more aware of the body and its movements.

High School Students Cleanup the Local Neighborhood

On Friday, November 16th, the student organization Project Impact hosted a cleanup in the Rabi Bhawan neighborhood to raise awareness of the state of waste in the area, and highlight improper waste management techniques. The cleanup was very successful with a number of high school students attending and participating. All recyclable trash that was collected was handed over to Doko Recyclers. Project Impact hopes to host other cleanups in the future to further spread awareness of the need for effective waste management in our local community!

Written by: Dane T


Welcome Back Picnic Brings Community Together

The Lincoln School Welcome Back Picnic was happy-blue and sunshine yellow. From majestic bouncy castles, to the Gr.5 smashing single release of, “Notorious D.O.G,” to save the street dogs, there was something for everyone.

The ES Music team brought the packed house to their feet with thunderous applause and sentimental tears during a special rendition in Swahili.

There were several alumni vendors that provided delicious food for the event, while the Secondary Band played throughout the day.

Snow Leopard merchandise was on display for students, families, alumni and staff.

HS PLUM team and StuCo also had booths up to support causes and to raise awareness.

Thank you for coming!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

The Lincoln campus is once again buzzing with both new and returning students and we are excited for the year ahead. Our Welcome Back Assembly featured student voice from each school division, as well as an uplifting hit from Ms. Iris Kolodji’s Elementary Choir. SAISA tryouts are underway and secondary students participated in an After-School Activity fair on Thursday to sign-up for a wealth of activities. Secondary Principal, Mr. Dan Sharp already feels the snow leopard spirit and is very excited to be a part of the Lincoln experience.