Yoga and Mindfulness in MS PE!

In the middle school physical and health education classes,  Mr. Rupesh from Pranamaya visited Lincoln during the week prior to Winter Break to help teach our students about the relationship between body and mind, and the importance of being mindful of yourself and your surroundings. It was also a way of showing them a different form of physical activity that will help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. We also introduced the concept of visualization to make you more aware of the body and its movements.

High School Students Cleanup the Local Neighborhood

On Friday, November 16th, the student organization Project Impact hosted a cleanup in the Rabi Bhawan neighborhood to raise awareness of the state of waste in the area, and highlight improper waste management techniques. The cleanup was very successful with a number of high school students attending and participating. All recyclable trash that was collected was handed over to Doko Recyclers. Project Impact hopes to host other cleanups in the future to further spread awareness of the need for effective waste management in our local community!

Written by: Dane T


Welcome Back Picnic Brings Community Together

The Lincoln School Welcome Back Picnic was happy-blue and sunshine yellow. From majestic bouncy castles, to the Gr.5 smashing single release of, “Notorious D.O.G,” to save the street dogs, there was something for everyone.

The ES Music team brought the packed house to their feet with thunderous applause and sentimental tears during a special rendition in Swahili.

There were several alumni vendors that provided delicious food for the event, while the Secondary Band played throughout the day.

Snow Leopard merchandise was on display for students, families, alumni and staff.

HS PLUM team and StuCo also had booths up to support causes and to raise awareness.

Thank you for coming!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

The Lincoln campus is once again buzzing with both new and returning students and we are excited for the year ahead. Our Welcome Back Assembly featured student voice from each school division, as well as an uplifting hit from Ms. Iris Kolodji’s Elementary Choir. SAISA tryouts are underway and secondary students participated in an After-School Activity fair on Thursday to sign-up for a wealth of activities. Secondary Principal, Mr. Dan Sharp already feels the snow leopard spirit and is very excited to be a part of the Lincoln experience.

Lincoln Alumni Gathering a Smashing Success!

KATHMANDU, Nepal. — On the evening of Saturday, May 19th, over 60 Lincoln School Alumni spanning over a 30 year period congregated on our campus to reminisce with old friends, develop new connections, share ideas and simply enjoy the occasion with high-class Snow Leopard company and delicious food. The evening began in the Library foyer with Chandra Dai and Hoshi serving drinks and snacks, before we moved up to a decorated rooftop to enjoy a specially catered dinner,  good conversation and welcome speeches by Director Ramsey and LS Alum, Luke Davis.

Lincoln School is taking active steps to strengthen its Alumni network in order to further develop the student experience. During the evening, wonderful connections were made and real possibilities imagined to continue to make Lincoln School the special place it is for our alumni, as well as our present and future students.

Pitch to the Panel Finale

For the second year, students from the upper elementary participated in a unique public speaking event called Pitch to the Panel. As part of their persuasive writing units, students crafted speeches based on a topic that they felt was a concern or needed to change within our community. They researched, organized and rehearsed their arguments before passionately presenting them to the panel. The Panel, comprised of teachers and secondary students listened closely and provided productive and positive feedback to each participant. Topics covered issues such as air pollution, stray animals, and fundraising to help others.

After deliberations, the Panel chose one topic from each grade level to support and work toward to bring to fruition for next year. The selected projects included new safety signs for the elementary playground, healthier food in the canteen, and having more mosquito repellent plants around campus.

Congratulations to all the student activists who participated!

Grade 3 Goes to Sneha’s Care Dog Center

Recently, the Grade 3 students journeyed to Sneha’s Care Dog Center to learn more about the concerns around street dogs in Kathmandu as well as spend some time taking care of the dogs. They found big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs, excited dogs, and puppies who were all waiting for some well-deserved attention! This field trip was part of their service learning project to find out how animals are taken care of in Kathmandu. After all of their learning about both donkeys in the brick factories and dogs on the street, the students decided they’d love to visit the dogs at Sneha’s Care and help groom them, walk them, feed them, and most of all pet them! They were even able to see how the center used small wheelchairs for dogs who were paralyzed. The students were amazed how these dogs could zoom everywhere and enjoy life with the rest of the dogs! If you are interested in volunteering with or learning more about how to help Kathmandu’s street dog population, check out their website at The dogs would wag their tails for more attention!

SLAM Poetry “Marches On”

Move over Shakespeare, the SLAM poets of Lincoln School spoke the truth as they completely owned the stage at the Globe Theatre, where it was standing room only. These secondary students moved the crowd to laughter and to tears as they tackled passions, personal stories, and social injustices that they have seen throughout the world.

Ms. Deborah Somerville and the Poetry Forum orchestrated an event that had at least one poet from all grades 6-12 participate in front of the Snow Leopard red curtain and all of them were beyond fantastic.

Thank you, poets, for sharing.



G5 Service Learning: Vermicastings Galore!

It would be safe to say by now, that everyone in Lincoln Elementary knows the fifth graders are our resident experts on red worms and vermicomposting.

The fifth graders started the red worm journey earlier this year by creating their own vermicompost in jars inside the classroom. Then, we moved on to designing a larger compost bin for our growing population of red worms in the Lincoln School garden. We were able to harvest a lot of vermicast which has proven to be very nutritious for plants. These vermicasts sold out when we had them up for sale during International Day last month.

So, it may not come as a surprise but the fifth graders have decided to integrate our knowledge and expertise on vermicomposting with our service learning project this year! As part of this project, students will be sharing their knowledge on vermicomposting with students from other local schools in our community. We hope that having a compost bin in their schools will allow the local students to manage their food waste better and further use the vermicasts in their vegetable gardens so that they can, in return, grow their own food.

Working together to figure out which piece goes where… Part 1
Working together to figure out which piece goes where… Part 2


Screwing pieces in place once we figured out where it went
Screwing in pieces once we figured out where it went

Step one of this process was to build the compost bins! The fifth graders worked in teams to make these wooden boxes under the guidance and careful supervision of our school carpenters. The fifth graders handled the task very maturely and were done in no time!

Working on the last piece: the cover of the compost bin.

Our next step in the completion of this project will be working with the local students. Please stay tuned to learn more about Grade Five’s Service Learning Project.