Kayaking in the Pool!

Our Grade 11 students stepped up their preparations for Service Nepal by kayaking in our heated swimming pool. This was an opportunity for our students and teachers to meet their river and kayaking guides, while practicing important kayaking and water safety skills in a controlled environment.

P1/G1 and Senior Collaboration

The year-long collaboration between the Lincoln Seniors and students in P1 & G1 continued last Friday with an afternoon filled with excitement. The P1 students showed off their literacy skills by reading with their grade 12 buddies. After this, the students displayed their acting skills by playing charades with their Senior partners. A lot of fun was had by students young and old!

Twistable Turnable Man – Theater Intensive Weekend

This last Saturday and Sunday, Lincoln School had the pleasure of hosting two theater professionals, hailing from New York City, to host a 2-day theater intensive workshop. Around a dozen secondary students dove headfirst into a fast-paced devised theatre workshop with a focus in training the brain, the body, and the collaborative spirit. This experience culminated in a short performance on the last day that was created and inspired using the poetry of Shell Silverstein.

Day one, students learned devising games and exercises that helped them become more comfortable on the stage and develop the group as an ensemble to create original moments of theater. These activities were developed in groups, pairs, and solo moments on and off the stage.


Day Two was spent shaping these moments into a final showcase that highlighted the students’ talents and original composition.

A big thank you to our workshop facilitators Jonathan Taylor and Rose Schwietz for bringing out our students’ theatrical abilities!


Lincoln Football Tournament: Great Experience for Lady Leopards!

The Lincoln School Girls’ Football team divided and conquered in the Lincoln Invitational this past weekend. All girls trying out for SAISA were broken into two teams – Lincoln Red and Lincoln White – and were joined by a further 3 teams from other schools in the valley. It was a great learning opportunity for both our newer and more experienced players with lots of hard fought matches against Rato Bangala, TSS, and team United. Our Lincoln Red team finished the tournament as runner’s up with both teams contributing to some great football and team spirit. Congratulations to all!

Lincoln Hoops: Boys Show Their Class at Invitational

The Lincoln School Boys’ Basketball Team stepped up its preparations for SAISA at our local tournament this past weekend. With four teams competing for the trophy, our skilled and experienced players swept all other school opposition aside before meeting their match against the sharp-shooting Kirtipur Club team. In what would be a tight contest, the boys lost to a three in the final minute, but were pleased with their performances.

This tournament was also a wonderful experience for our JV squad, who got some valuable time on the court in game situations. Congratulations to the coaches and student-athletes on their efforts!

Disco Rhino Dances All Day – Fossick Project at Lincoln School

This past week we had the honor of hosting the Fossick Project at Lincoln School. The creators of Fossick, Marta del Grandi and Cecilia Valagussa, worked with our Grade 4 and Grade 5 students to create a smaller version of their visual and audio performance.

The Fossick Project aims to produce artistic performances about the relationship between man and nature
 to suggest a reflection on environmental issues and raise awareness around urgent causes. Illustrator Cecilia Valagussa and singer-songwriter Marta del Grandi, the workshop facilitators, met in Belgium in 2013, 
while attending their Master studies at the School of Arts. Their collaboration is based on a mutual inspiration and on a common talent for storytelling. Here are two samples of their work. A Journey Into the World and Swim to Me.

Cecilia applies an analogical approach to create a live animation, by using an overhead projector on which she places different materials like flour, leaves, everyday things, and handmade props. She uses many techniques such as cut-out, drawing, and etching. Marta’s voice, unique for its versatility and endless shades, moves effortlessly on the compositions that she writes with samples, synthesizers and acoustic instruments 
on Ableton Live.

Their workshop focused on storytelling with sounds and images and challenged the students to free their creativity, imagination, and use their knowledge in a practical way. The theme was wildlife conservation and the relationship between man and the earth beneath.
 Students were asked to write a story collectively, collect sound samples, write melodies and lyrics, draw characters, their environment and define their interaction. The workshop ended with a little performance. 
Our students set their focus on endangered animals in Nepal.

Day 1 – Research and Sketching

Day 2 – Songwriting Starts

Day 3 – Adding Movement to Animals and Orchestration to the Song

Day 4 – Finishing Animals and Rehearsing Song Memorized

Day 5 – Performance!



Students Prepare for Higher Education

From Fall through early Spring, Lincoln has the honor of hosting many colleges and universities from USA, Canada and South East Asia. They come to visit with our students and faculty, either as independent representatives or part of the larger traveling EducationUSA Fair. These interactions are valuable platforms to make those personal connections and also allow for a deeper understanding of who our students are and the programs that these visiting colleges offer.

The University Representatives always have delightful feedback, both of our students and their experience at Lincoln. We also invite host country schools to the college fair so they do not miss out on this valuable opportunity. Last Friday, the Consular section section of the US Embassy also made a US Visa Application Presentation for our non-US families to familiarize them with the US visa application process.

Regina Thapa


Prakriti’s Senior Project

On January 16th, Prakriti, a Lincoln School senior, organized and hosted a Maternal Health Camp as part of her year long Senior Project. She named her Maternal Health Camp, Ama Ko Maya, which translates as A Mother’s Love. 

From 10am to 2pm, four doctors and twelve nurses attended to over 60 pregnant woman, many of whom brought along their children. During the course of the day, Prakriti organized four sessions: general female health, nutrition, mother craft and breastfeeding, and antenatal (prenatal) care. After successfully hosting the Maternal Health Camp, Prakriti says she felt “relieved and ecstatic. Relieved because the sessions were successful and ecstatic for the positive impact we made on the female’s lives.”


Prakriti interviewing the doctors.
Prakriti, Doctors and Nurses at the Health Camp.
Women lining up to attend the Health Camp.


Lincoln Shuttlers Return from Chennai!

CHENNAI, India. — Our Lincoln Badminton team came back from the SAISA tournament in Chennai, India, with a number of wins under their belts, some individually-awarded and team-awarded sportsmanship pins, a huge amount of improvement and experience, and a whole heap of smiles. Throughout the exhausting three days of singles, doubles and mixed doubles play, our players demonstrated their endurance, perseverance and excellent sportsmanship traits.

Our Snow Leopards were knocked out in the tournament, but that doesn’t mean our players didn’t leave it all out on the courts, having incredibly close matches and showing their best effort. The development of our badminton athletes’ skills over the weekend alone was tremendous and I’m already excited to see where this growth takes us next year! I was also very impressed with the amount of peer coaching and support each student gave one another between and during each game.

Our players also helped make our long travel days run smoothly and enjoyably as we hung out in the airports, showing extreme patience in all the long lines and helping each other through the various checkpoints. It was especially pleasurable having our Seniors play with us for a final time, and we look forward to seeing the rest of our athletes out again for badminton next year!

Coach Brydie McMullan

Lincoln Tennis Team Rallies in Chennai

CHENNAI, India. — Lincoln School’s tennis team headed to India to brave the heat on the outdoor ground and rooftop courts of the American International School of Chennai.  First, we played round-robin ranked singles and doubles for boys and girls. With a handful of wins under our belt and a number of impressive (and long) matches behind us, the Snow Leopards headed into the mixed doubles portion of the meet where two of our teams made it to the quarterfinals, due to a strong showing from our newer players. In mixed teams play, Lincoln students co-won the 3/4 mixed category and placed second and third in the 1/2 mixed category. Our Snow Leopards played in quarters, semis, and finals, hitting shots and winning games that elicited gasps of shock and admiration from the watching crowd.

Despite having one of the youngest teams (and the only middle schoolers) at the tournament, every member of the team played long and hard, fighting for every point, game, and match. That competitive edge truly embodies the Snow Leopard spirit!

–  Coach Eve