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LSNepal Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Guide

(developed from ASBombay’s BYOD Guide)


2015-16 School Year



BYOD is a growing trend in education and industry in which students and employees use their own devices at work rather than the devices provided by either the school or employer.  At Lincoln, students will use their personal devices to access the resources of the internet. They will become more confident and productive users of their personal technology to complete 21st century tasks and organize their digital lives.


Students in grades 6 through 12  are required to bring a laptop to school.

Who is responsible for purchasing education-specific software on student owned devices?

LSNepal has moved most school software to the cloud (internet based) and student and staff accounts are provided by the school. If a student is bringing in a laptop that meets the minimum technical requirements, then the student will have access to all school-provided services. iPads and Android based devices do not meet the minimum requirements for a student or staff owned device at this time although a student or staff member may bring in an iPad or an Android tablet to supplement their main laptop.

LSNepal will install the Adobe Creative Suite for PC and Mac machines and any other software required for teaching and learning.

Which computers are acceptable/approved?

The computers that make the minimum specification list is located here. If you have questions about whether a specific model computer will meet the requirements please feel free to contact the LSNepal tech office.

Some things to consider if you are buying a laptop for your child:
If your child will be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, this will likely be the computer they take to university.
Battery life is important.