Lincoln School Hosts the First Young People’s Choir of Kathmandu

Last Sunday, Lincoln School organized and hosted the first-ever Young People’s Choir of Kathmandu. This involved six diverse schools from around the valley and over 100 children. They learned the song “Give us Hope,” which is about children asking for their voices to be heard. “Give Us Hope” has become somewhat of an anthem for children worldwide. It can be heard as you leave the 9/11 museum in NYC.

The children partook in a day of making new friends, soccer, dance/theater, and of course singing!





P1/G1 and Senior Collaboration

The year-long collaboration between the Lincoln Seniors and students in P1 & G1 continued last Friday with an afternoon filled with excitement. The P1 students showed off their literacy skills by reading with their grade 12 buddies. After this, the students displayed their acting skills by playing charades with their Senior partners. A lot of fun was had by students young and old!

Disco Rhino Dances All Day – Fossick Project at Lincoln School

This past week we had the honor of hosting the Fossick Project at Lincoln School. The creators of Fossick, Marta del Grandi and Cecilia Valagussa, worked with our Grade 4 and Grade 5 students to create a smaller version of their visual and audio performance.

The Fossick Project aims to produce artistic performances about the relationship between man and nature
 to suggest a reflection on environmental issues and raise awareness around urgent causes. Illustrator Cecilia Valagussa and singer-songwriter Marta del Grandi, the workshop facilitators, met in Belgium in 2013, 
while attending their Master studies at the School of Arts. Their collaboration is based on a mutual inspiration and on a common talent for storytelling. Here are two samples of their work. A Journey Into the World and Swim to Me.

Cecilia applies an analogical approach to create a live animation, by using an overhead projector on which she places different materials like flour, leaves, everyday things, and handmade props. She uses many techniques such as cut-out, drawing, and etching. Marta’s voice, unique for its versatility and endless shades, moves effortlessly on the compositions that she writes with samples, synthesizers and acoustic instruments 
on Ableton Live.

Their workshop focused on storytelling with sounds and images and challenged the students to free their creativity, imagination, and use their knowledge in a practical way. The theme was wildlife conservation and the relationship between man and the earth beneath.
 Students were asked to write a story collectively, collect sound samples, write melodies and lyrics, draw characters, their environment and define their interaction. The workshop ended with a little performance. 
Our students set their focus on endangered animals in Nepal.

Day 1 – Research and Sketching

Day 2 – Songwriting Starts

Day 3 – Adding Movement to Animals and Orchestration to the Song

Day 4 – Finishing Animals and Rehearsing Song Memorized

Day 5 – Performance!



Elementary School Honor Choir Performs with the Kathmandu Chorale

Before we left for winter break, Lincoln School’s Elementary Honor Choir performed with the Kathmandu Chorale. The Honor Choir joined the chorale of about 50 singers in singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” as well as performing their own set of songs.  In front of an audience of about 300 people, the Honor Choir did a beautiful job representing our Lincoln School Music community.
 Grade 5 piano accompanist plays while the Honor Choir sings “I’ll Think of You.”

Martian Christmas Performance – Truly Out of this World!

The martian’s landed at Lincoln’s Globe Theater on Wednesday night for a wonderful evening of music and performance, where each Elementary School student had a part to play and a song to sing. By the end of the event all was well; the theater had been turned into a space of Christmas cheer, love and laughter, as we sang, This is the time of year for love and peace. Congratulations to all who made this happen!

Grade Five and Author, David Neilsen’s, Virtual Visit

David Neilsen Chats with Us About His Latest Book Beyond the Doors

The students of Grade Five settled in on the carpet at the front of our room this morning in anticipation of speaking with David Neilsen, the author of the read aloud we just finished, Beyond the Doors. The students were itching to ask him questions about the story, his life as an author, and advice for young readers and writers. Very animated at times, David enthusiastically answered our questions and he and Mr. Curtis even swapped their impersonations of Dimitri, a Slavic character from the novel. He even gave us some book recommendations for those that love his work and spooky stories! Thanks again, David!

Grade 5 Music Field Trip


In Grade 5 music we have been learning about folk music and protest music. To culminate our unit, we embarked on a creative journey to write our own protest song. Last week we traveled to the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory to professionally record our product.

The song will be available for purchase at the Back to School Picnic on September 29th. All proceeds from our song will be given to the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Center (KAT Center).

Below are some photos and a video from that field trip!


 In the mixing room, listening back to the song! 

In the studio checking the microphones! Getting ready to record! 

Learning about the mixing board in the sound room! 


Seniors and Primary One On the Same Boat!

On September 14th, the Class of 2019 participated in reading activities with students from Primary One in their first class buddy pairing. P1 students, who have been working on their story telling skills, shared their version of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” with original puppets they made to help tell the story. Next, the seniors read a story selected by each P1 student. Finally, the buddies took part in a STEAM activity in which they built a raft together out of straws and pipe cleaners. The object of the raft was to see if it could be built to hold a small plastic teddy bear. Buddies tested their designs in the new P1 water table to see if the rafts would float. The day was a great experience and success on many levels, and something both the seniors and Primary One students are looking forward to doing again.