Grade 3 and Primary 1 Team Up!

As part of Lincoln’s balanced literacy program, which fosters a love for reading, the elementary classrooms have teamed up! Seen here, Grade 3 and Primary 1 reading buddies met in the P1 classroom. The students discovered new books, made predictions and connections, all while laughing and having fun.

SAISA Practices Underway!

Our Lincoln Snow Leopards have been sweating in the pool and on the volleyball and tennis courts, as SAISA practices are in full swing. We have had a strong turnout with around 40 swimmers, 40 boys’ & girls’ volleyball players and 10 tennis players trying out for our respective teams. Our student-athletes cannot wait to showcase their skills, growth, team spirit and fitness at local, Lincoln School hosted tournaments, as well as on the big SAISA stage!

Lincoln School Fills the Buckets!

On Monday, August 21st, many Lincoln School students gathered at the beginning of lunch to load our vans and trucks with buckets of supplies for victims of the serious floods in the Terai region. In a week, students and families were able to put together about 100 buckets full of supplies like food, water, clothing, and other important items. Checkout the pictures below for compassionate global citizenship in action!

Lincoln High School Leadership Takes Off!

Hotel Mulberry was the venue for the Lincoln High School Leadership Retreat on Sunday, August 20th. 30 students in grades 9-12 collaborated on a number of student-led initiatives involving service, school events, student leadership, athletics and activities. Our students reviewed our leadership mission and agreements and discussed why they want to be a part of this group, before moving around to our different facilitators to brainstorm ideas and events to enhance the student experience at Lincoln School. The energy around the conference room was palpable, and we look forward to scheduling and achieving our objectives this school year.

The Case for the Tech-Free Bedroom

As we become more connected in this world, a case can be made for creating an environment that detaches us from that technology.

Safe zone for kids
Lincoln School requires all secondary students to have their own laptop. The laptops are monitored at school and the sites they are restricted. However the monitoring and restrictions do not apply at home. Parents are rightly concerned about monitoring technology use by their children at home. There are suggestions located on our website here, but one of the easiest is this: No technology in the bedroom. No phone, no tablet, and no computer. Tech use should be in a public space at home.

Research suggests that the light from our devices reduces the secretion of melatonin and disrupts sleep. See the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences for example. Also, reading about the latest news, Facebook post, or notifications from work or school are not sleep conducive. Give yourself a break and leave the tech at the door.

We are in the age of The Internet of Things (IoT), in which everything is connected, including your web cameras. A search on the internet for hacking webcams is a scary experience. The maker of Norton Utilities has some good suggestions here. Even simple solutions such as tape on the camera is good, leaving the tech out of the bedroom is even better.

School Year Resolutions!

Goal setting and self-reflection are important steps of the learning process and a big part of being a Lincoln Learner. Grade 3 students began to set their learning course this week with School Year Resolutions! Each student reflected on area they would like to work on, then drafted a resolution to help them focus on achieving their goal. It was a fun activity with plenty of lively discussion.

A great week in elementary music!

Each grade level started off the new year singing and playing instruments. Grade 1 through Grade 5 brushed up their music reading skills in preparation for the piano unit, while Primary 1 and PreK/PS created music and practiced keeping a steady beat with percussion instruments.